April 24, 2010

Con Men "Assurance" (music video)

My musical offerings to the world have varied quite a bit in quality and let's not get into detail, please. But if one song is to survive, I personally think it should be this one about one of my favourite topics: the illusion of progress.

Recorded by Fabien Leseure (Nina Hynes and the Husbands) and featuring Ed East of Chikinki on guitar, I accompanied it with an old-school archive material montage like they did when they did back in the days, when a dance video had to be rushed out and nobody wanted to be in front of the camera or had no money.

The U.S. music websites Battery In Your Leg and Off the Radar gave song and video quite a nice reception.

If you like "Assurance", feel free to snatch it. By the way: all video material used is taken out of the Prelinger Archives.

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