August 12, 2010

Exclusive preview of "Damo Suzuki's Network mit Château Laut"

Make sure to clear your calender for September 3, 2010!

Haywain Recordings is celebrating the release of the 12" split vinyl "The day will come tonight / Music for Simulator flights" by Berlin indie rock bands Château Laut and Jeanie Bueller, as well as the new album "Elegiac Stanzas" by Haywain recording artist Johnny3000.

At the event Johnny3000 will play, label head Stephan Laackman will preview photos from his "Citybirches Photography Works" and you'll get a sneak peek at the new field recording web series "Citystreet HiHat".

As suggested by the headline you'll also get a pre screening of the concert movie covering Damo Suzuki's Network with Château Laut, which took place April 30, 2010 at Ausland, Berlin.

Edited by Stefan Fähler, the event was shot by Carsten Piefke and myself. Several people in the audience had their phones and cameras recording, too. One of whom posted his footage online:

To see the actual concert movie, come to systM at Torstr. in Berlin - Mitte on September 3. You'll find the details on the flyer above!

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