April 24, 2010

Orchestre Miniature in the Park presenté: Letztes Jahr im Sommer - Trailer #1

Last year in August, I accompanied the "Orchestre Miniature in the Park" on their 5 day tour through Paris. I had heard of them since I'm long time friends with their member Friedemann. They play only songs with the words summer or sun in the title and they only use kids instruments.

It turned out to be quite a task to try and capture 18 people with one camera. But it's done now. Above you find the trailer and if you can make it, OMP and I would be very happy to welcome you on June 3, 2010 in Berlin, when the film will be shown at Kino Babylon at 8:15 p.m. After the screening the band will play a concert, so it's even a 2 for 1 deal!

Zoot Woman "Just A Friend Of Mine" (live on Radio Fritz)

On October 1, 2009 Johnny Blake from Zoot Woman visited the Radio Fritz studios to do some acoustic versions of old and new songs.

I have always wondered what he looks like when he smiles. So after a few tender, yet unsuccessful attemps of trying to make him laugh, I asked him, what a serious dude like him laughs about. And thinking about his favourite TV show did the trick in the end.

Château Laut "When sound is light" (music video)

In May 2009 Andrew and Stefan from Château Laut and I went over to London to film our friend Amanda performing a routine to the song she had been practising for months.

Principal shooting could only involve her doing the routine a couple of times as it was quite exhausting for her.

By the way, Stefan came up with the light concept and it worked really nice, I think. It gave the whole video a kind of cheap old school sci-fi look here and there.

Speaking of films, "When sound is light" has been one of three songs off Château Laut's debut album used in the film "Bedways". Make sure to check that film out, it's quite a ride.

Lily Allen "The Fear" (live on Radio Fritz)

On January 16, 2009 Lily showed up at Radio Fritz in Potsdam. It was only 10 a.m. and she looked a bit under the weather, still she was really sweet and upbeat. I remember, she favoured the audio recording our engineer Kevin did over previous sessions including one at the BBC.

Maybe she was just being nice. Maybe she was even flirting with Kevin? I think she was, since during an audio test she whispered "I like Kevin from Radio Fritz" into the mic.

The photos were shot by Marco Sassenhagen and Stephan Fuchs.

Check out the stuff my colleagues do over at "Fritz TV", there's some nice short films. It might increase the fun if you understand some German. If not, just go straight to their music section.

Château Laut "Moby's Meat" (music video)

Stefan from Château Laut and I shot and edited this one in late summer 2008. It's the first music video I actually filmed myself and we had quite some fun shooting it.

What you hear in the video is the sound recorded on location and it's the same version that made the cut for their debut album "Château Laut", which is out on bluNoise.

"At the End of the Night - Berlin between 3 and 5 a.m."

Shot in three consecutive nights in July 2008.

I know, most people love those 2 hours, when so very few people are awake. At least in the summer time. I chose three spots that are rather crowded by day but quite empty by night.

Thanks to the people at Axxel Fitness, Westhafen and UKB hospital.

The latter are real darlings, when it comes to giving out filming permissions to projects they like. Those of you who might have looked for a hospital in Berlin to film in, you know how hard it is to find one. On the other hand, then you also know the UKB, I guess.

Con Men "Assurance" (music video)

My musical offerings to the world have varied quite a bit in quality and let's not get into detail, please. But if one song is to survive, I personally think it should be this one about one of my favourite topics: the illusion of progress.

Recorded by Fabien Leseure (Nina Hynes and the Husbands) and featuring Ed East of Chikinki on guitar, I accompanied it with an old-school archive material montage like they did when they did back in the days, when a dance video had to be rushed out and nobody wanted to be in front of the camera or had no money.

The U.S. music websites Battery In Your Leg and Off the Radar gave song and video quite a nice reception.

If you like "Assurance", feel free to snatch it. By the way: all video material used is taken out of the Prelinger Archives.