October 20, 2014

Kaya "All This Time"

Wow. It only took 13 years.

Kaya and I have finally made a track together. Not just a video, a song. A simple drama, borderline generic - just as I love it - and graced by my friend's beautiful voice. We had Kaya's frequent collaborator Jens Wojnar record the vocals and co-produce the track and though it is still but a demo, I felt this has to be shared now. Time moves too fast.

In classic fashion, the clip is compiled out of footage found in the Prelinger Archives. If you wonder, what makes this classic, look down. One other track.

Will there ever be more? Possibly. Don't hold your breath, though. It might be another 13 years.

August 08, 2014

Tetine in São Paulo 2014

Without much of a story behind it, I just wanted to post this video of the wonderful TETINE, shot by Dácio Pinheiro, Ringo Giacobelis and me on July 17, 2014 at SESC Vila Mariana and edited by Tetine.

May 18, 2014

The Nest "Kairos"

Oh, how I love to be given the chance to edit archive material. This time the request came from Gerald Mandl, whom Stefan Fähler and I had previously worked together with on the final clip for his band Mediengruppe Telekommander, "Billig".

His project The Nest is quite the underground super group, featuring Christoph Clöser (Bohren & der Club of Gore), Tycho Schottelius (Desmond Denker) and Thomas Mahmoud. They just released their second album "Sayweenjoy" (Album Label).

So if you are into an experimental love song accompanied by vintage arabian footage and retro futurism, this should be right up your alley! Get the album, it's brilliant and becomes better and better with each spin.

February 20, 2014

We have a winner!

That one came quite out of the blue! My clip for Jim Hickey's "Everything" won the Noisekölln Music Video Award 2014 for Best Video! Hooray! I never won anything really...

The NMVA is given out as part of the Boddinale, the alternative film festival running parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival. People could vote online for their favourite clip. Then a jury consisting of Moritz Gayard of Electronic Beats magazine, Easton West of international artist collective Mindpirates and Jan Gryczan of Berlin club Loophole chose the winners.

January 19, 2014

The latest batch of videos...

Just a quick look at some of the most recent things I have done...

As mentioned before, I have done a considerable amount of stage visuals for the Crime tour last year. During the course of that tour we didn't want to put out too much of it on the internet, but since now they are touring with a different program I have to admit: I'm too proud of them to let them go unmentioned.

And why not start with what I consider to be my favourite work yet.

The visual to the song "The Call" was inspired by a 2012 commercial for a french department store featuring Catherine Deneuve. It used different shades of grey as colours are usually used to create a psychedelic effect. I took this idea and played around with it a bit, creating a fantasy language and epileptic flickering along with graphic rhythms common to 1990s music videos.

Quite unexpected by me, the visual for "Frame by Frame" proved to be one of the most popular ones out of the 35 minute program. Snake skeletons and found footage of open heart surgery seem to make for an attractive combination.

Aside from the visuals, which allowed a quite experimental approach to clip making I also worked in more conventional ways as I directed two more music videos during the last months.

Jim Hickey's debut video "Everything" was shot over three days in a room full of strings and edited over many weeks. Anne Haight's debut clip "Seaside" also took three days to shoot and was edited (and I know how posh this might sound) in Tuscany as I didn't want to edit it in grey Berlin. Flights and accomodation were cheap and the view beat the one out of my busy room.