June 23, 2015

Diamonds, pianos and a language course!

Since I'm quite busy working on a documentary feature (research stage, nothing to see yet, move along!), I have to confess that I have been neglecting this space here.

Let's see... I have been lingering about in São Paulo for a while. And while it was shot in autumn of last year, we finished the (presumably) last ever clip for Berlin's CRIME months later. So maybe it is only fair to post it here now, again some months later. What a poor excuse...

This video is all about Bronie Lozneanu caught in a fading fame fantasy, shot by Dácio Pinheiro and Denis Giacobelis, while I stayed in the back making more or less useful comments.

We shot it at NN Antiques, thanks to Tadeu Nasser and Raphael Nasralla with styling by David Pollak and make-up/hair by Bruno Miranda.

Apart from that I've been working on some things that are not that showy, like sort of a beer ad and an instructional video starring an emergency watch.

Also I've been doing some voice work for various clients. Like this:

...or this...

...as well as touristic audio guides in Mexico City and Pula (Croatia) and the narration for the acclaimed Meteorite Museum in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Also: you can learn German with me here!

Ah! One more thing! Dácio and I have also been shooting a small bit for the PIANOSOFIA project, which brings live classical music to your home. And if you don't have a piano, they even bring that with them.