August 20, 2016

Olympic Diary: Rio de Janeiro 2016

After months of working for TV program UM4 (rbb) and hosting various shows, I landed a gig during the Summer Olympics in Rio.

The local afternoon magazine TV program zibb (rbb) asked me to do a diary of the city in 10 chapters during the games, since I live in Brasil half of the year anyway and happened to be there.

It was quite a tough job, sometimes the working days were 16 hours long. Not necessarily because of the duration of the shooting or editing, but because of the traffic in Rio.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience that involved meeting with activists, athletes and random people on the street.

I took a peak into the mechanics of the Brazilian sport system, visited a military base and went to demonstrations.

As great as it was, I'm glad I can relax now for a bit. Let's see what comes up next. And yeah, the bits are all in German. If I can find the energy I put subtitles to them soon...