September 24, 2011

Mediengruppe Telekommander "Billig"

I remember getting sent the first album and video by Mediengruppe Telekommander in 2004. Back then I just started working for the music program "Tracks" on arte tv and I immediately fell for their mixture of nasty beats and counter-polemic slogans.

Ironic, how almost a decade later Stefan Fähler and I directed, what is likely to be their last video ever.

To make a long story short, the band happened to see "Mis-Fortune Cookie", the result of a 24 hour movie challenge we took part in a few weeks ago. Since they had always wanted a Zombie-themed clip, they asked if we could do it. We reckoned we could, so we said yes.

For the shoot, we tried to call on as many teamsters from "Mis-Fortune Cookie", as well as recruiting fresh talent. This time, Aläcks Pin Heiro is not hidden behind monster make up, instead he's opening the clip and getting eaten. Bine Fez Buk kind of reprises her role as Marcia, sporting the golden flip-flops, her famous bath gown, yet with an admittedly slightly altered attitude.

Again, benefitting from our experiences with the 24 hour movie challenge, we were on a rather tight schedule. The first picture was shot on a Saturday right after midnight, the whole clip was finished a mere 2 and a half days later on Monday evening.

We really have to thank all the Zombies, bodies and helping hands behind the camera for making this a smooth ride. And we have to thank Mediengruppe Telekommander for the request to do a video like this.

Make sure to check out their final album "Die Elite der Nächstenliebe" and to catch them on their farewell tour. 

September 13, 2011

August recap, belated I know

I've been shooting some shorts for Radio Fritz in August.

On August 1, The Subways dropped by for interviews and this one ended up being a sideshow attraction at the 2011 New Music Award.

Although they are the nicest people, I'm always tongue tied around them, which is awful, because they're really nice and I always come across like an idiot and I wish I wouldn't, because they are totally sweet... Oh well, you get the point...

Two days later on August 3, I visited the preperations for the 2011 artbase, held at an abandoned tuberculosis clinic in the woods outside of Berlin. It was a great afternoon, taking a stroll through the ruins covered by the work of artists like 44 Flavors, Just and Alias, to name but a few....

You should definitely check it out if you get the chance, the exhibit is beautiful and permanent. There is the plan to turn the whole area into a kids academy. Go here to find out, what exactly that could mean...

Finally on August 29, I shot this little piece with German hip hop artist Marteria on the roof of the Admiralspalast in Berlin. After the 5 minute shoot, we nearly killed Marten's buddy Christoph who crashed with a makeshift staircase we made him walk down. Sorry...

The clip previewed Radio Fritz' own music festival "Die Neuen Deutschpoeten" showcasing only current German language music by the likes of Clueso, Bosse and many more... Marteria performed there in front of 13.000 people a few days later. After that, he was all over the tabloids, albeit for other reasons....