October 25, 2010

Video Shoot: Essenz "Vivat Entitas Okkulta"

Try to film a metal video in a hospital-like surrounding close to Berlin. You say Beelitz, I say what?!

Sure, we wanted to shoot the video for "Vivat Entitas Okkulta" the opening track from Essenz' fabulous new album "KVIITIIVZ – Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen" in Beelitz Heilstätten at first - but the owners wanted an outrageous amount of money and they didn't even have any power supply in the buildings... Ugh. So we settled for the StadtGut Blankenfelde instead and we haven't regretted it one bit.

We filmed in the old building formely used as a hospital using projections, Super 8 cameras, strobes, complete doctors outfits and basically everything medical we could get our hands on to make this a worthy translation of the almost 10 minute long song.

When I say "we" I don't only mean the band and I - indispensable help came from Brazilian filmmaker Dácio Pinheiro and German sound engineer Michael Kerscher working them Super 8 cameras and making sure I don't fuck up my own schedule. Also, we have to thank the StadtGut, especially Dieter Sommerfeldt for being such a a great help! 

I promise not to waste any time in getting the clip out - but it will take a while.