November 11, 2012

Crime "This Party Blows"

Crime is heading your way!

Sissters' Mika Risiko and Scream Club's Sarah Adorable have teamed up for a new project that involves keyboards and floor toms and from here on you should discover for yourself what it is they are making.

Crime is gearing up for a European trek with Dischord recording act E.D. Sedgwick in November/December and this is a taste of what you are about to see onstage:

No, the girls will not be attending the show bored and undressed, but each song is set to feature an individual video to be projected on Mika and Sarah accompanying the music. Aside from me, clips were directed by Stefan Fähler and Mika; they feature actress Pau Pappel, film maker Ester Martin Bergsmark, dancer Prince William Morris and many more.

"This Party Blows" received its premiere in the shorts section of the Berlin Porn Film Festival in October and will kick off the release of some more music videos based on the visuals of the show.

If you have time, we strongly advise you to go see the concert. And if you do, please write back and say, how you liked it. Tour kicks off on November 23 at Berlin's Marie Antoinette, check out Stefan Fähler's poster!

11-23 Berlin (GER)- Marie Antoinette
11-24 Hamburg (GER)- Centro Sociale
11-25 Marburg (GER) - Trauma
11-26 Potsdam (GER) - Black Fleck
11-27 Aachen (GER) - AZ
11-28 Trier (GER) - Exhaus
11-29 Würzburg (GER) - Cairo
11-30 Nürnberg (GER)- K4
12-01 Leipzig (GER)
12-02 Prague (CZ) - Klub 007
12-05 Wroclaw (PL) - Lykend Club
12-06 Olomouc (CZ) - Mitril
12-07 Brno (CZ) - Yacht
12-08 Jihlava (CZ) - Club Jezek
12-09 München (GER) - Kafe Kult
12-10 Heilbronn (GER) - Mobilat Club
12-11 Giessen (GER) - AK 44

September 27, 2012

Mumford & Sons! Ellie Goulding! Nude girls! National TV! Q Magazine! Wow, September....

It all started with the first official music video for the new electronic outfit of Sissters' Mika Risiko called Crime. Together with Mika and Stefan Fähler, we filmed with 5 beautiful undressed girls, being bored and gorgeous. The clip had it's premiere in the shorts section of the 2012 Porn Film Festival Berlin starting October 24, 2012.

Only a few days later I, together with Stefan Fähler and Michael Bauer, had the honor of producing the generic TV interview for the sophomore album "Babel" of Mumford & Sons at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. Marcus and Winston were absolutely darling, laughing, telling stories and behaving as if we all (including the team) had been buddies for years. It's always so nice, when musicians are this accessible and we want to congratulate them on what looks likely to be one of those 1 Mio. + worldwide sales debuts, that have become so rare in this day and age.

Right after the shoot with Mumford & Sons we went over to Volkspark Friedrichshain to shoot a clip for up-and-coming band Pickers. They take part in the nationwide battle of the bands "Bundesvision Song Contest" created by TV host and Eurovision alumni Stefan Raab. This clip serves as their introduction on the show, has been broadcast nationwide on the popular show "TV Total" and is being used for promotion leading up to and during the event on September 28, 2012. The guys played their new single acoustic and gave us an insight into their motivation to make music.

Last, but most certainly not least, on September 24 I shot a very intimate gig of UK songbird Ellie Goulding shortly before the release of her new album "Halcyon" at Radio Fritz in Potsdam. It's interesting how she translates the electronic album versions into very soulful live renditions that do not make you miss the sometimes heavily processed and cut-up vocals. Rather they make you realize, what an amazing voice she has underneath all that production.

Update: the above clip of Ellie Goulding unplugged has been re-blogged in USA, UK, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania and made the Daily Hot List at Q Magazine!

September 14, 2012

August recap, belated I know 2012

What is it about August? It happened again. Weird.

This time I've been shooting a short piece on Berlin music duo Anne Haight. This bit was produced as an introductory film to their performance at the New Music Award 2012, given out anually to the most promising newcomer with nominations coming from all of the young public radio stations of Germany, including Fritz, whom they were nominated by.

They showed up with a range of weird instruments including a kalimba and a sansula as is the custom when they play a stage. They played a 15 minute set. They didn't win but should have. Whatever, I'm quite sure they'll find a growing devoted audience in no time, since they're not only talented, but also very charming and fun to be around.

The clip has been used for promotion leading up to the event, was shown at the intial award ceremony at Admiralspalast Berlin on September 9 and was subsequently broadcast on nationwide digital TV channel EinsFestival (ARD) and regional TV station MDR as part of their coverage of the show.

July 19, 2012

In 30 years we're gonna look back at this and...

...not see our ridiculous haircuts, the by then painfully outdated clothes, gestures that don't relate to comtemporary life anymore, won't have to explain why we briefly dated that person and above all: we won't wonder what blur of a band that is on stage.

We'll have this:

We can get this out of the shelf and wholeheartedly say: I might 

not be in the picture, but this is where I was, that is what I
loved and "here, have a look! this is what it felt like!" All the 
bands and places and situations that we saw with our own eyes or 
for some stupid reason missed out on. We'll reach in the inside of 
the cover and put on the music compilation that came with it.

And then we can skip to the credits of the book and prove we 
knew back then that we would want to have this in 30 years. 

This is an emotional pension plan, so skip a payment and pump 
some money in this beauty to make it happen! First step: klick on
the picture below!*

*text applies only to you if you have enjoyed alternative rock 
music nightlife in Berlin between 2006 and 2011 thanks to 
Deerhunter, Sonic Youth, Lower Dens, Tortoise, Future Islands,
Stephen Malkmus, Les Savy Fav, R.E.M., Mudhoney, Times 
New Viking, Sea And Cake, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Bear in 
Heaven, Lambchop, Dirty Projectors, Calexico, Fleet Foxes, 
Caribou, Mogwai, Deerhoof, Chris Corsano and more or if you 
wish to give that impression, even if only in 30 years. 

June 16, 2012

48 Stunden Neukölln

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to explain what you're about to see, should you choose to follow.

Well... there are 3 clips shot in Berlin. brazilian filmmaker Ivi Roberg and me. There's poems. And pictures. And music by Mika Risiko, v.b.d. and Terminal Guitar Trio. Come to think of it, they all are solo projects or side arms of other bands: Sissters, Essenz and Château Laut. Enough name dropping. They have been on exhibition at annual Berlin art festival "48 Stunden Neukölln" at Café Engels or as you could say: in a dark corner of a former bowling alley.

Enjoy or something.

April 27, 2012

This Year in Spring

What have people done in this case, back when I was a kid? Would they have released their movie on self-copied VHS alongside a fanzine xeroxed into obscurity? Hm. That does sound kinda good, I must admit.

Oh, yeah... It's been almost two years since "Letztes Jahr im Sommer" ("Last Year in Summer"), the documentary about the Orchestre Miniature in the Park premiered at Kino Babylon in Berlin. Since then I have tried with various partners to put it out on DVD. Alas, we live in the land of the GEMA. So we would have likely ended up spending billions on music rights before anything happened.

Why, you ask? Oh, you should see the movie, I say.

It's packed with tons of cover songs about the sun and the summer: Velvet Underground, Weezer, Tocotronic, Phoebe Kreutz, Jonathan Richman, Claude François: all played through the 20 toy instruments of the band. And that 20-piece toy instrument band tours Paris for a week. Paris, France. In the summer. Playing, sweating, laughing. Scaring chickens, climbing rooftops and floating on rivers. Getting drunk and going home butt-naked. Putting memories for a lifetime into their heads and into those of the people they meet.

It's a lot, I know. That's why I split this up into the 5 days of the tour.

So here it is (drum roll): the premiere of "Last Year in Summer", the former documentary shown in a cinema as an English-subtitled web series. Free to watch!!! For everyone!!! Do I hear bottles popping? Damn right!

If the scope of your computer screen just isn't enough, you know what to do: write me an email and request a screening of the film in your area. I'm serious. The band might definitely come along and play a gig, you know?

I hope you have as great a time watching it as we had making it. Grab some friends and something to nibble and off we pop!

April 15, 2012

One look at the past, one look to the future

One look at the past: At the very end of his successful tour, Marsimoto gave his fans a special treat on April 14, playing to a hundred of them at Fritz' studios. Everybody was supposed to wear green, which colorblind me failed at, of course.

For those not in the know, Marsimoto is the alter ego of German rap star Marteria. And whereas last August Marteria pondered on the eternal question, if the beat or the rhyme was there first, Marsi comes clean on all things green. 

I could describe how great that intimate gig was, but the little piece I shot should be able to get that across by itself. 

One look to the future: In a month that seems to be filled with people I shot before, I worked with the guys from Essenz on the teaser to their new album "Mundus Numen". It's quite a simple little bit and more about a sonic preview than flashy images, but because of that well worth checking out.

February 10, 2012

Sissters "Cool Cat Alliance"

Fresh off their support for up-and-coming Brooklyn act Friends comes the first music video for Berlin's Sissters.

Three very relaxed shoots resulted in a two week tour de force of editing. Often working frame-by-frame and constantly checking the results made Stefan Fähler and me glad we're not epileptic. I think it's safe to assume the result wont pass the Harding Test.

Make sure to check out Sissters debut album "There's a party in my mouth but you're not invited" out on Coraille or better yet, try to catch them on their coming European tour with Des Ark. They will be all over the place and you'll see how fantastic both bands are live.

Thanks to Sissters for allowing us to indulge them in our sometimes suspicious looking set ups and thanks to Lisa, Karl and Michael at SchwuZ for letting us turn one of their dancefloors into our makeshift studio for one afternoon.

January 12, 2012

Ed Sheeran live at Fritz

Oops. It's about time I post this...

On December 7, 2011 this nice young fella walked into the Fritz studios. He looked like he just came out of bed, he didn't mind being interviewed in the bathroom and he was calm and nice with his fans. Ed's a complete pro, having played hundreds of concerts in the last 3 years. And that's it.

If you're into this music, he already has a huge back catalogue of currently 11 EPs and a sweet debut album titled "+".