February 10, 2012

Sissters "Cool Cat Alliance"

Fresh off their support for up-and-coming Brooklyn act Friends comes the first music video for Berlin's Sissters.

Three very relaxed shoots resulted in a two week tour de force of editing. Often working frame-by-frame and constantly checking the results made Stefan Fähler and me glad we're not epileptic. I think it's safe to assume the result wont pass the Harding Test.

Make sure to check out Sissters debut album "There's a party in my mouth but you're not invited" out on Coraille or better yet, try to catch them on their coming European tour with Des Ark. They will be all over the place and you'll see how fantastic both bands are live.

Thanks to Sissters for allowing us to indulge them in our sometimes suspicious looking set ups and thanks to Lisa, Karl and Michael at SchwuZ for letting us turn one of their dancefloors into our makeshift studio for one afternoon.

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