April 27, 2012

This Year in Spring

What have people done in this case, back when I was a kid? Would they have released their movie on self-copied VHS alongside a fanzine xeroxed into obscurity? Hm. That does sound kinda good, I must admit.

Oh, yeah... It's been almost two years since "Letztes Jahr im Sommer" ("Last Year in Summer"), the documentary about the Orchestre Miniature in the Park premiered at Kino Babylon in Berlin. Since then I have tried with various partners to put it out on DVD. Alas, we live in the land of the GEMA. So we would have likely ended up spending billions on music rights before anything happened.

Why, you ask? Oh, you should see the movie, I say.

It's packed with tons of cover songs about the sun and the summer: Velvet Underground, Weezer, Tocotronic, Phoebe Kreutz, Jonathan Richman, Claude François: all played through the 20 toy instruments of the band. And that 20-piece toy instrument band tours Paris for a week. Paris, France. In the summer. Playing, sweating, laughing. Scaring chickens, climbing rooftops and floating on rivers. Getting drunk and going home butt-naked. Putting memories for a lifetime into their heads and into those of the people they meet.

It's a lot, I know. That's why I split this up into the 5 days of the tour.

So here it is (drum roll): the premiere of "Last Year in Summer", the former documentary shown in a cinema as an English-subtitled web series. Free to watch!!! For everyone!!! Do I hear bottles popping? Damn right!

If the scope of your computer screen just isn't enough, you know what to do: write me an email and request a screening of the film in your area. I'm serious. The band might definitely come along and play a gig, you know?

I hope you have as great a time watching it as we had making it. Grab some friends and something to nibble and off we pop!

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