September 14, 2012

August recap, belated I know 2012

What is it about August? It happened again. Weird.

This time I've been shooting a short piece on Berlin music duo Anne Haight. This bit was produced as an introductory film to their performance at the New Music Award 2012, given out anually to the most promising newcomer with nominations coming from all of the young public radio stations of Germany, including Fritz, whom they were nominated by.

They showed up with a range of weird instruments including a kalimba and a sansula as is the custom when they play a stage. They played a 15 minute set. They didn't win but should have. Whatever, I'm quite sure they'll find a growing devoted audience in no time, since they're not only talented, but also very charming and fun to be around.

The clip has been used for promotion leading up to the event, was shown at the intial award ceremony at Admiralspalast Berlin on September 9 and was subsequently broadcast on nationwide digital TV channel EinsFestival (ARD) and regional TV station MDR as part of their coverage of the show.

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